The RMS Safer Drivers Course, will provide you with 20 Logbook Hours when you complete the course.

What is the RMS Safer Drivers Course?

The RMS Safer Drivers Course is exactly the same as the NRMA Safer Drivers Course, PCYC Safer Drivers Course and LTrent Safer Drivers Course.

The RMS Safer Drivers Course (SDC) was introduced in 2013 and was designed by the Roads and Maritime Services to establish safer driving practices for learner drivers under the age of 25.  Statistics show that this age group are most at risk at being involved in a serious or fatal crash once they are a provisional licence holder.

The Safer Drivers Course is sure to engage learner drivers in an interactive learning program specifically designed to provoke group discussion.  The course consists of two modules (which are likely to be undertaken on two separate days).  The course is fun, engaging and informative.

Module 1

  • An engaging three-hour group discussion with other learner drivers.

Module 2

  • This is a two-hour practical learning session in a vehicle with a qualified driving instructor and another learner driver. This module allows students to “put into practice” what they learned in the classroom in module 1 and learn more about safe driver practices.

Should I do the Safer Drivers Course?

This Course is a great introduction to help you gain a better understanding about influential factors whilst operating a motor vehicle.  It will assist in controlling any distractions and external influences as well as understanding the importance of anticipating the potential hazards.  Module 1 covers safe distances, speed management, gap selection and hazard awareness.  Module 2 puts all this theory based learning directly into practice so that you will have a better understanding as to why these factors are crucial when driving.

How much does the Course Cost?

The price of the Safer Drivers Course is $140.00.  This fee is set by the RMS .

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. To be able to attend this course,  you must be a learner driver, have completed 50 actual logbook driving hours and be under the age of 25. This has to be 50 actual hours of on-road driving. This does not include any hours that can be accrued through (3 for 1) structured professional driving lessons or instruction.


Will I need to supply my own vehicle to do the in-vehicle coaching part of the safer drivers course?

No. A dual-controlled vehicle will be supplied by the course provider.

Will I need to supply my own vehicle to do the in-vehicle coaching part of the course?

Module one (the group discussion) will be run by a facilitator and the maximum number of participants is 12. Module two (the in-vehicle coaching session) will be delivered by a coach with two learner drivers.

Do I have to complete the course modules in a particular order?

Yes. Participants must complete module one (the facilitated group discussion), before completing module two (the in-vehicle coaching). Module two should be completed within one month of module one.

How do I qualify to do the course?

To be able to attend a Safer Drivers Course, you must be on your Ls, have completed 50 log book driving hours and be under 25.

In what circumstances can I receive a refund or partial refund for the course?

Course providers are required to tell all participants about their cancellation/refund policy at the time of their booking. Participants can contact the course providers regarding these policies by contacting them directly.

How will the 20 hours credit be recorded in my log book after I complete the course?

As you complete each module the facilitator or coach will enter the details and sign off the course completion in your logbook on page 110, ‘Structured Lesson Record Keeper and Safer Drivers Course Record’. In addition, the driving coach will enter 20 hours credit in the ‘Driver experience record’ section of your log book so you can keep an accurate running total of your log book driving hours.

What happens if a learner driver only completes module one?

The 20 log book hours credit will only be available for learners that have completed both modules of the course within four weeks. Participants should contact LDS office directly to learn more about their cancellation/rebooking policies.

Can I fail the course?

No. There is no assessment or pass/ fail component of the Safer Drivers Course. However, participants must complete both course modules to be eligible for the 20 hour log book credit in their learner driver log book.